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bakery identity

a full redesign for a small bakery with a speciality in french-style macarons. the logo and scheme is meant to evoke the pastel, cute little round pastries while still having a refined feel. the result is warm and flexible and fun.

brynn abernathy

a Photoshop painted illustration of an NPC from an online roleplaying game, drawn completely from scratch on a Wacom tablet.

comic book pattern

all I wanted was a sticker for my laptop that looked like comic book bubbles, in loud colors; no such thing seemed to existed, and so I created one entirely in Illustrator.

cortland yver

a Photoshop painted illustration of a character from an online roleplaying game, drawn completely from scratch on a Wacom tablet.

cover magazine

this handful of spreads represents a layout concept for a magazine. the content was handed to me, as was all imagery; the trick was to fit it into the pages, using a solid grid from one to the next, and a unified color scheme.

drink & disposition pins

these pins were created based on classic cocktails, and the moods they put forth. they were funded via a successful kickstarter.

flu shot poster

getting a flu shot is such a small thing that can have such a major impact. this poster was intended to emphasize just how small a flu shot could be, while encouraging students at Parsons to take action..

great jack’o’lantern blaze

a design for a photolithography print, a Halloween event at Van Cortlandt Manor, in Croton-on-Hudson. this was only a 3 layer print, but it used a gradient [blue to orange] to create a more multi-dimensional effect.

imdb redesign

this conceptual and premium redesign of was inspired by tumblr’s simple and customizable user interface. my goal was to make it simple for users to customize the flow of information based on their needs and interests.

joco cruise 2020 stickers

a set of stickers designed off of in jokes from the JoCo cruise, to be given out as freebies on the 2020 sailing. these were printed on label printer, with kiss cuts around each individual sticker.

juno steel illustration

the Penumbra Podcast is not only one of my favorite podcasts, but has one of my favorite stories: Juno Steel. this piece of fanart was drawn to show my appreciation for two of the main characters.

leggings controversy

for years I’ve wanted a shirt that says “leggings aren’t pants” that I can wear with leggings. this was hand drawn and then curves edited in Illustrator, to screen print on t-shirts.

north pole currency

a photo lithography print using four colors: cream, light blue, black and gold. this money was based on some Victorian IOU bills that I researched and found. the end result, once printed, served as my Christmas cards.

onomatopoeia pins

these pins were designed to look like old fashioned comic book word bubbles, each expressing a different theme. they were self-funded and manufactured through a contact in china.

optimistic profanity

a typographic treatment of some enthusiastic, optimistic profanity, inspired by Jean Grae and designed fully in Illustrator.

ovid translation

this sample book design reimagines the Metamorphoses in a form that shows both the original Latin and the translated English on a line-by-line basis.

oyster roast

a folding invitation design for the Davenport House Museum’s 4th annual Oyster Roast event, featuring a vintage cross-stitch design provided by the client.

patent form

redesigning this existing New Patent Filing Checklist from an existing product was no easy feat. Working with staff from the office, I clarified the work flow and presented them with a new form that would make opening files faster and easier.

pearl of preservation

a poster and postcard invitation designed for the Davenport House Museum Preservation Fest Wrap Party, representing the seven women (in their pearls!) who saved the Davenport House and started preservation in Savannah.

personal timeline

this project took the difficult problem of representing time in a visual way, and turned it into an attractive final product. the final product can be hung from a pin in the center and rotated for easy reading.

pixelated self portrait

a self-portrait poster created using only photos taken from a photobooth, a black and white photocopier, my initials printed, scissors, tape, and glue.

sedaris cover series

a concept for a series of cover designs for books of David Sedaris’s essays. the idea was to have something that would stand out as bold on the shelf, and easily recognizable as part of the series.

self portrait

a self portrtait done in a cel-shaded style, designed for use as a discord icon or for a facebook profile image.

twaite-golde wedding

a full identity design created for a bilingual couple, including a brochure, invitation, and menu. special consideration was put into designing something that could be read by both families.